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Once Upon a Product: Local love - Okamura Farmacopia

A wonderful write up describing local blogger Lori Ferraro's spa visit with Sherry Okamura at Urbaca Salon!  Thank you Lori!  : )

About our aromatherapy toners:  
"I've been using these round the clock, as a pick me up or a calm me down. Clouds of it float throughout my house. I spritz it on my face, hair, bod, pillow, children -- wherever.  I love them. They feel cool and soothing and both smell like a giant massage/facial/pampering explosion." - Lori Ferraro
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About *Aromatherapy* Softening Spray Video With Sherry

Here's a quick video with Sherry about the aromatherapy benefits and uses of Okamura Farm Softening Spray!



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Do I Need Toner?

Truth be told, toners are the first product busy people drop from their home skin care regime. Your face is clean enough, right?  Well, maybe.

Toners are designed to remove excess oils, make up and dead skin cells left after washing.  Toner is also an excellent choice to set powder mineral make up.  In my esthetic practice I especially recommend toners for folks with oily/acneic or very dry skin.  Oily skin often needs that second step to remove excess oil and debris and dry skin needs all the moisture it can get!

In beauty school we learned toner neutralizes chemicals found in tap water that can leave your face feeling tight and dry, which can lead you to slather on the moisturizer.  This is bad for two reasons--it's a waste of expensive moisturizer and too much moisturizer can weigh down skin unnecessarily! 

Toners can provide some gorgeous benefits for your skin, just avoid over drying alcohol-based formulas and irritants such as citrus or fragrance oils.

Multitasking is one of my favorite things, hence I added aromatherapy oil blends to the OF toners. Joyful Spray  lifts your mood and combats oily skin, Softening Spray is great for PMS and all skin types. Dream Spray is a wonderful make up setting spray aid and can help you sleep,  Comfort Spray  is excellent for wound healing,  Fairy Godmother  has rose oils to open the heart and is great for sensitive skin.  And  Passion Spray?  Let's just say it's also good for normal to oily skin types.

Refresh yourself with toner when you're flying, out in the sun (wearing sunscreen of course), or for an instant uplift at work.  Keep one in the car, a squirt of Joyful or Softening spray might just stop that sibling spat in the backseat!  At the very least, you can calm yourself with a spritz.

Find a toner that works for you and your skin will change for the better--everybody must get toned!

Love, Sherry



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