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The Birth of OF

A trip down memory lane, the original Okamura Magic blog

A lot has changed in two years, how 'bout you?


Are we having fun yet?

xo so

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Wedding Fever

There was no wedding, just a signing of papers, Chris' brother, and a slobbery overgrown boxer dog for witness. Then we went home and ate king crab in front of the T.V.

Weddings are like horses, pretty and I do not want one of my own.  I enjoyed my sisters' weddings but my favorite wedding was when my theater mentor, triangle productions! founder Don Horn, and his partner, Jeff, got married. 

It was back in 2004, the day they legalized marriage in Oregon.  When they found out the State of Oregon was issuing marriage licenses, they raced right out and secured one that morning.  Don's business partner, Myra, and I ran across the street from the theater to buy pretty little bouquets from one of my favorite florists, Jill at Starflower. 

We waited giddily together in a long line, Don and Jeff gave their bouquets to a lesbian couple we stood next to who didn't have flowers.  What a beautiful, generous act on your own wedding day!  : )

Urbaca will have a table at our first wedding show, Committed: Supporting Mr. + Mr., Mrs. + Mrs., and Mr. + Mrs.!  There will be samples of Okamura Farmacopia a-plenty, our awesome Make Up Artist, Gretchen, will do demos of Being True Skin Tint firming foundation and Blinc waterproof mascara--in my book, the only two must-have things for your wedding day.  Well, besides pretty flowers, crab, and Reggie the slobbery dog.

I will be there with my Oracle Belline fortune telling cards. 

We have a guest list for free tickets for Committed if you're interested, just call Urbaca 503.241.5030 or email me and I'll put you on the list! 

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Welcome to Okamura Farmacopia!

I became a licensed esthetician 2005 and six months later began work at Urbaca Salon in Portland, Oregon.  With a passion for more natural, results-oriented skin care, I am honored to interact with extraordinary people on a daily basis.  From wonderful coworkers to pillars of Portland industry, curious tourists and beyond!  It's a hoot.
In 2009 I trained in the American Cancer Society's Look Good Feel Better program.
In 2011 they found a lump in my right breast but fortunately, with continued monitoring, it is not cancerous.  
Making educated decisions about product ingredients intensified and continues.

In the summer of 2011 I launched Okamura Farmacopia: paraben, sulfate and cruelty free skin care for all.
I hope you enjoy these products and am always open to your feedback!
Thank you for reading!

Sherry Okamura
Licensed Esthetician

Contact me directly at Urbaca Salon
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