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Made to Order

Made to Order

Selling a ton of 16 oz. shampoo and body washes lately, which means I've been busy hand filling and scenting!  An aromatherapy "farmacist" if you will. 

I'm excited the washes are catching on, they're gentle, multipurpose and gender neutral--we've used them for years at our house.  You can also use it to beard wash & I use small amounts for hand washing some of my clothes.  O I love a multitasking product!

If you've never been to Urbaca, let me assure you, we have a million and one choices for shampoo/conditioners.

I don't regularly stock our 16 oz. washes because we don't have the shelf space.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you have purchased a 16 oz. wash recently, odds are I probably put it together just for you!  Hope you enjoy!  : )


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Bearded Men Video / Okamura Farm Beard Oils

Here's a fun video of Portland's hottest bearded guys trying Okamura Farmacopia aromatherapy beard oil.  Hair by Amanda, Laci, Heather, Caitlyn and Gretchen!  Thanks Team Urbaca, Mr. World Beard 2014 Madison Rowley and Rides Mustache Wax and Robb Cummings Media!

Photo by Crystal Genes Photography

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Valentine's DAY 2015 / CUT OFF

02.14.15 is your final day to enter our Instagram Patchouli Beard Oil Duo with @manly_life!


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Why Lip Balm?

Our Hand Poured Vegan Lip Balms are the first organically preserved skin care product of Okamura Farmacopia.  Made out of necessity, lip balm is one of those things. When I need it, I really need it.  It’s always getting lost, and if somehow I don’t lose it, it lasts forever. 
There are not many benefits to being related to me—I love everyone, but never call, only visit occasionally and I show my love in lip balm. 
My love is strangely utilitarian:
In a pinch you could melt it down and make a candle, I often do this when I find an old one in a pocket or under the car seat.  Nothing goes to waste at Okamura Farm.
Tattoo/scar healing balm.  Those areas you have chosen to mark, or the areas where life has marked you.
Cuticle oil.  My lovely friend Lisa at Seven Bridges Winery found this use. I have a 1 oz. jar in my car and use it as hand and sometimes leg moisturizer.  I leave little oily smooches everywhere I go...what? It conditions the leather.
I’ve poured every single one of them—especially the ugly ones--with the intention of love, joy and comfort. Hope you like! xosherry
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February Classes / Portland, OR

The response to our MeetUps at Urbaca Salon has been really great--thanks to all who have made it so far! Here's what we have coming up:

Pro Skin Care for Empathic, HSP Teens February 15, 2015 @ 1 pm  $10 class fee redeemable in product

Learn + Play Aromatherapy Potions February 15, 2015 @ 2:45 pm $10 class fee redeemable in product

RSVP 503.241.5030 or online for special gift at class!  

All classes at Urbaca Salon 120 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 101 Portland, OR  97209

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