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Ladies in Navy Have the Perfect Chance to WIN!

Check out this fabulous article about Sherry's facials and products with a chance to WIN a bevy of beard oils from one of our new favorite bloggers, Ladies in Navy!
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We've Joined the Holistic Chamber of Commerce!

Okamura Farmacopia is proud to announce we are new members of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce!

The next meeting is Nov 19, 2014 

Where: People's Coop Community Room: 3029 S.E. 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Cost: No charge

Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Speaker MaryAnn McNulty


Do you feel overwhelmed with the business side of your practice?  Would you like your practice to be making more money? Are you constantly trying to find enough clients to sustain your business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, join us for this informative, hands-on training that will teach you two simple-but-critical ways to build a profitable business doing the meaningful work you love.

You will learn to: 

1. Attract and retain more clients

2. Increase your income

3. Generate repeat business

4. Improve client satisfaction

MaryAnn McNulty has an MBA in Sustainable Business and specializes in helping solo-preneurs and holistic practitioners build and sustain profitable businesses. She is passionate about helping small businesses succeed so they can experience the freedom, financial benefits and flexibility of entrepreneurship. 

In addition to our guest presentation, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Portland Chapter and how our growing community can support your success. We are currently planning all of our 2015 meetings and programs. What kind of support do you need to grow your holistic business? Come to the meeting and let us know so we can create a value-packed calendar for 2015 for you, and for all our members! 

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that works to promote holistic and sustainable professionals.  Our meetings are here to help you grow your business.  Our members collaborate together by bringing their talents, sharing their gifts and learning form each other.  Together, we  aim for healthier people, for a healthier planet!

Learn more about becoming a Professional Member of our growing organization by clicking here or join now by clicking here.

Thanks ~ We look forward to having you involved! 

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Elaini Garfield Facebook Interviews Sherry Okamura!

Miss Elaini Garfield is an amazing 25 year old blogger/fundraiser who supports orphanages in India.  Read her full story here!

8/16/14, 2:06pm

What is your passion?

Sherry Okamura Leonard Sherry Okamura Leonard

Helping people maximize their life adventures.

Elaini Garfield Elaini Garfield
When did you realize you wanted to do something more with your passion?
After I met you, Elaini! I was super impressed by what you were accomplishing at such a young age! I started Okamura Farmacopia skin care with you as my canary in a coal mine. If you could handle a product, I knew it was a keeper. Oh you wanted a date? 2011.
What has been the hardest thing about pursuing your dream?

I have a full time *plus* job at Urbaca and it takes a lot of energy to run a skin care company! Concentrating on social media strategies for both businesses has allowed me a little flexibility.

Elaini Garfield Elaini Garfield

Why do you chose to “give back” or “pay it forward? And how did you decided to go about that?

Sherry Okamura Leonard Sherry Okamura Leonard

Well, $1 from each Elaini Shea Creme purchase is donated to The organically preserved facial moisturizer is named after you. We are also passionate about clean water with I support live theater with branded lip balms for triangle productions!  Arts, children + clean water. Is there anything else worth living for? : )

Elaini GarfieldElaini Garfield

Wow I thought you were doing this before I came along! 
Well I've been working on this since 2005, it was just meeting you gave me a very clear direction.  In addition to my mother in law being on her 5th round of cancer, sensitive skin types have always been of particular interest to me.  Training with the Look Good, Feel Better foundation was a good education but I wanted to work with paraben, sulfate + cruelty free products with no added fragrance.
Elaini GarfieldElaini Garfield
How has networking and community helped you?
I am naturally a very introverted person, after my first Portland Business Alliance meeting I cried!  I am very socially anxious but I forced myself to go to these meetings.  After much trial and error (but no more tears!) we were able to strategize and make the most of these networking events.
What is you biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to chase their dreams?
Sherry Okamura Leonard Sherry Okamura Leonard
Always do what you want to do. Life is short.  I'm a heathen.
You're right! Life IS short! I want to use it right on up!  What’s one humorous thing that has happened along the way?
I may seem flippant, but I take this all very seriously. The funniest aspect of my job so far seems to be the level of exposure I have to humanity. When I think of funny things that have happened in this line of work there is a tinge of sadness as well. 
Elaini GarfieldElaini Garfield
I'm sorry about the tinge of sadness...mind sharing about that?
Sherry Okamura Leonard Sherry Okamura Leonard

Well, working on vets from Iraq and Afghanistan I've found they don't like to have hair and want to be waxed head to toe. I don't know if it's PTSD but they say they don't want that sensation of sand in their hair. Being waxed literally everywhere is a rather funny (and terrifying) thought, but the reason behind it is sad.

Elaini GarfieldElaini Garfield

How do you get out of a discouragement slump when you have one in regards to what you’re doing?

Sherry Okamura Leonard Sherry Okamura Leonard

Get a good night's sleep. Dance it out.

Elaini GarfieldElaini Garfield

Brilliant answers! Thank you so much for inspiring me all over again like you do! 

Sherry Okamura Leonard Sherry Okamura Leonard

You're sweet, thanks kid!

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Adding *Acupunture* Rachel Gilman to Body Mind Spirit Expo!

If you've been curious about acupuncture, we're bringing it out of the treatment room and into the Okamura Farm Market booth at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Portland, November 1-2, 2014!

Acupuncturist Rachel Gilman from Acupuncture Northwest will perform complimentary acupuncture both Saturday and Sunday.  

If you have questions, concerns, fears or phobias, bring it!  Rachel often treats pain, digestive issues, infertility, insomnia, anxiety, depression, prenatal care and so much more.  She is a sensory healer, in addition to excellent acupuncture treatment, she incorporates aromatherapy and shiatsu.  

She also practices cosmetic acupuncture!  I tried one treatment and it's rather amazing for improving the appearance of fine lines, firming and tightening facial skin. The best part?  She accepts most health insurances!  

Stay tuned for more information about the OF Farm Market booth at BMSE!  #BodyMindSpiritExpoPDX #okamurafarm #acupuncture #rachelgilmanacupuncture


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What's Up With the Tarot Cards?

This, my friends, is a very special deck.  Conceived by artist Erica Thomas in conjunction with Psychic + Tarot Card Reader Jodi Snyder and the Portland Art Museum.  Only 25 decks of these extraordinary cards were made.

I have been reading tarot since I was 12 and incorporate numerology, astrology, chakra work, animal totems in my work.  Adding these awesome works of art is a delightful frosting.





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