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Spring 2016 Skin Update What's Happening RIGHT NOW

Today we're talking about last gasps, that bit of product you can't reach in the bottom of the bottle. Use it as a treatment!

For most of April I've been morning masking with wildcrafted bentonite volcanic clay at home adding:

  • The last of my Vanish Serum for a nice, gentle alpha hydroxy kick to combat breakouts. If you've really exhausted the bottle and can't get it out, add a little toner (or water), shake it up, and you can get that last little bit.
  • Softening Spray for moisture and hormone maneuvering support
  • A couple pumps of Antiox Moisture Mask for hydration

Mix the ingredients, apply with a brush, let it dry, rinse with warm water and clean washcloth.  

Bentonite volcanic clay contains kaolin, which is astringent, detoxifying & balances oil.  This clay is pure enough to be taken internally for colon cleansing which I do find intriguing but have not yet tried.  Believe you me, you'll be the first to know.

Morning masking has clarified and tightened things up temporarily, but over time I liken it to taking care of your car.  If you maintain it consistently, it will "age" the most gracefully. 

PRO TIP: When removing sometimes I'll get crazy and go over the dried mask with some Facial Tonic Oil on my hands and massage everything together to increase circulation and get a very light exfoliation from the mask.  Rinse with cool water on this one, my face gets pretty red with the circulation--which is what's doing the detoxifying so this is not a bad thing.  Plus it goes down after about 15 minutes.

Following with antioxidants, Supreme Creme and of course, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!  

Happy April! xo


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Beard Oil Field Test Yields South African Unicorn

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Why There Are Three Heart Chakra Blends

Why There Are Three Heart Chakra Blends

The heart wants what it wants! A little more about the three heart chakra balancing essential oil blends: Fairy Godmother, HWY 101 & Softening.  

Fairy Godmother is for emotional protection fostering forgiveness.  Rose distillate based with very gentle rose otto & clary sage.  Made for sensitive skin types, children and kids at heart seem to love Fairy Godmother.

HWY 101 is for strengthening and centering the heart.  Patchouli oil equalizes emotions, if they are too high, brings them down.  Too low? Lifts them up. Also a known aphrodisiac.  Unisex fragrance, one of our best selling fragrances for men.  Want a quick beach getaway?  Shake HWY 101, mist upward 3-5 times, lightly catch the mist on your face. HWY 101 has an algae salt water base designed to bring you immediately to the Oregon Coast.

If you like Fairy Godmother, Softening Spray is her big sister with a similar base of Rose distillate and Clary Sage, now with Lavender, Grapefruit and Geranium. This is an excellent soothing blend for PMS and ladies troubles in general, also good for softening the heart and forgiveness.  Everyone should have a Softening Spray in their desk drawer at work and spray it before tense negotiations!  IDK, see what happens. Alternate name "Relationship Saver". If you spend a lot of time in the dog house, buy this in bulk.


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The Okamura Story

The Okamura Story


 am tongue tied in Japanese.


Okamura Farm is named after my maternal grandmother’s family.

My Dad is an only child who came to the US when he was 13 and didn’t know any english.  Though he initially assumed his American stepfather's last name Black, he later changed his last name to Okamura.

My dad didn’t want to confuse us by teaching us Japanese.  

I wish I knew more Japanese.  I tried to take a community ed class as an adult and felt like my brain was made of concrete.  

Okamura means hill village.  I have two sisters who both changed their names when they married. I didn’t take my husband’s last name, though I encouraged him to take mine—he didn’t go for it.  Apparently when it comes to the family name, the buck stops here!

#backtowork #hillvillage #peace 



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Musings Newest RIDES Fragrance 7th Chakra Aromatherapy

Musings Newest RIDES Fragrance 7th Chakra Aromatherapy

Our new fragrance is in gestation, complete with the now-familiar birthing pangs of finding harmony, balance and agreement with the blend created by World Champion Beard Madison Rowley et moi.  Apparently we're going a new design direction with the packaging as well, haven't seen the full power point presentation yet!  

This blend is for the crown chakra, your connection to spirit/god/universe/whatever you're into. This new essential oil blend would complete a four year journey to create an aromatherapy pallate to maximize each chakra.

So many chakra balancing aromatherapy products on the market!  Have you read Good to Great by Jim Collins?  Based upon an ancient Greek parable, "The fox knows may things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing," Collins talks about hedgehogs being a good model for greatness with what he calls 3 key circles:
1. What you can be best in the world at
2. What drives your economic engine
3. What you are deeply passionate about
Been thinking a lot about our mission statement here at the Farm, "spit ball'n" as Sir Rowley puts it.  Taking one simple concept and being inventive and amazing at it. 
Will we reach our goal?  Stay tuned...
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