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Dear Sherry...Peach Fuzz Help!

Dear Sherry! 

Let's talk about the layer of baby peach fuzz that seems to be more prominent than ever on my face, around my outer jaw line, back toward my ears and kind of on my outer cheeks. Get rid of it? Leave it? I am horrified that it will come back in darker if I mess with it. Please help, oh sage of mine! Did I tell you I miss you?  xoxo and thank you!  --Desperate in Dallas

My Dearest Desperate,

I miss you too!!  What I generally tell people about the fuzz is to leave it alone until it REALLY starts bugging you OR it turns dark. Because once you start messing with it, you're in it for the long haul. I don't think it would turn dark because you messed with it, but once you get started, you'll probably want to keep it up.

Then you have some options. You can either wax it, I suggest hard wax because it will look more natural--it doesn't completely denude you, sugaring--similar to hard wax, or you might even try threading. The trick will be finding a technique that takes away as much hair as you want, with a pain level that fits your threshold and without bugging your skin too much--this will require a little trial and error.

As far as I know, lasers aren't quite there yet in terms of taking that white fuzz off (usually it's the dark hair, light skin combo that works) but keep your eyes on IPL, they're making advancements all the time!

xoxo sherry


PS.  Here's an interesting link to "friction" hair removal products.  I don't know if this would work, there would be no chemicals/lasers and less pain, but hair would come back faster.  It seems like this would damage facial skin, you'd have to be SUPER CAREFUL!  But how inexpensive comparatively...!


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