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Valentine's DAY 2015 / CUT OFF

02.14.15 is your final day to enter our Instagram Patchouli Beard Oil Duo with @manly_life!


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Got Oily Skin? This *GIVEAWAY* is for YOU!

Check out California blogger Country Munchies' Facebook page or Instagram and our Okamura Farm Instagram and OF Facebook page for multiple chances to win this oily skin trio!  Contest ends 1/21/15
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The Story of the Cups

Every morning I wake up, let Moneypenny out, and make my coffee.  

I select the mug carefully, trying to anticipate which tarot card I might draw and how the color schemes might work together.  I have no idea, of course.

Then I sit down at my computer and type like a maniac while drinking my coffee.  Eventually it occurs to me that I have to pull my tarot card for the day.  Then there's a picture of the card and my coffee mug.

These coffee mugs are actually tags, either for the people who gave them to me/I stole them from, significant places I've visited, the old homeland, Boise, Idaho or my forever homeland, Portlandia.

 There's Boise, also stolen from my oldest friend Tamara

 New York!

 My spirit daughter in NYC, Tiffani xxoo

  My Actors Theatre of Louisville mug

 Tiffani, I swear she's just like we were to my Dad, I have at least one of the millions of mugs we gave him, it's priceless!!


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