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Why There Are Three Heart Chakra Blends

Why There Are Three Heart Chakra Blends

The heart wants what it wants! A little more about the three heart chakra balancing essential oil blends: Fairy Godmother, HWY 101 & Softening.  

Fairy Godmother is for emotional protection fostering forgiveness.  Rose distillate based with very gentle rose otto & clary sage.  Made for sensitive skin types, children and kids at heart seem to love Fairy Godmother.

HWY 101 is for strengthening and centering the heart.  Patchouli oil equalizes emotions, if they are too high, brings them down.  Too low? Lifts them up. Also a known aphrodisiac.  Unisex fragrance, one of our best selling fragrances for men.  Want a quick beach getaway?  Shake HWY 101, mist upward 3-5 times, lightly catch the mist on your face. HWY 101 has an algae salt water base designed to bring you immediately to the Oregon Coast.

If you like Fairy Godmother, Softening Spray is her big sister with a similar base of Rose distillate and Clary Sage, now with Lavender, Grapefruit and Geranium. This is an excellent soothing blend for PMS and ladies troubles in general, also good for softening the heart and forgiveness.  Everyone should have a Softening Spray in their desk drawer at work and spray it before tense negotiations!  IDK, see what happens. Alternate name "Relationship Saver". If you spend a lot of time in the dog house, buy this in bulk.


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Valentine's DAY 2015 / CUT OFF

02.14.15 is your final day to enter our Instagram Patchouli Beard Oil Duo with @manly_life!


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We've Joined the Holistic Chamber of Commerce!

Okamura Farmacopia is proud to announce we are new members of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce!

The next meeting is Nov 19, 2014 

Where: People's Coop Community Room: 3029 S.E. 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Cost: No charge

Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Speaker MaryAnn McNulty


Do you feel overwhelmed with the business side of your practice?  Would you like your practice to be making more money? Are you constantly trying to find enough clients to sustain your business?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, join us for this informative, hands-on training that will teach you two simple-but-critical ways to build a profitable business doing the meaningful work you love.

You will learn to: 

1. Attract and retain more clients

2. Increase your income

3. Generate repeat business

4. Improve client satisfaction

MaryAnn McNulty has an MBA in Sustainable Business and specializes in helping solo-preneurs and holistic practitioners build and sustain profitable businesses. She is passionate about helping small businesses succeed so they can experience the freedom, financial benefits and flexibility of entrepreneurship. 

In addition to our guest presentation, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Portland Chapter and how our growing community can support your success. We are currently planning all of our 2015 meetings and programs. What kind of support do you need to grow your holistic business? Come to the meeting and let us know so we can create a value-packed calendar for 2015 for you, and for all our members! 

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that works to promote holistic and sustainable professionals.  Our meetings are here to help you grow your business.  Our members collaborate together by bringing their talents, sharing their gifts and learning form each other.  Together, we  aim for healthier people, for a healthier planet!

Learn more about becoming a Professional Member of our growing organization by clicking here or join now by clicking here.

Thanks ~ We look forward to having you involved! 

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Supreme Creme is a "Fall Favorite Beauty Product" of Martha Chartreuse

We're so excited our Supreme Creme is one of blogger Martha Chartreuse's "Favorite Fall Beauty Products"! Developed and available exclusively at Urbaca - read all about it here!  

Fun fact, did you know Supreme Creme was named after Jessica Lange's character in last season's American Horror Story?! 

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Okamura Farmacopia is a *Fall Favorite* of Ladies in Navy!

We recently had Portland lifestyle blogger Kelsey in for a Hydrate Facial and shampoo and blow dry style.  Miss Kelsey has extremely sensitive skin, a perfect fit for Okamura Farmacopia products!

Check out her review on one of our newest favorite blogs Ladies in Navy!

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