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Three Peel Deal!

At last, at last!  It's Peel time!  Despite wearing sunscreen and antioxidants, our summer damage has been done.  How's your skin doing?

This week I applied a PCA Peel (Hydroquinone Free) peel, followed with an Oxygenating Treatment--loving it!  The Oxy Treatment seems to mitigate a bit of the dryness/tightness I normally feel with these enhanced Jessner's peels.  Vita Balm is working as moisturizer, I'm also blending a DMAE Firming Creme / Being True mineral make up powder as liquid foundation for a little extra uumph. 


3 peels for the price of oneFresh from my PCA Advanced Peeling Protocols training, summer's almost over--let's have some fun!

Three peels in three months, which is the generally recommended schedule = your skin looks amazing just in time for Thanksgiving

About Peels

The catch?  They must be used by November 27, 2013. 


I have over 20 peels/customization options--squee!  Once a geek, always a geek.

Happy Peel Season!


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