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Why NOT to Use Coconut Oil in Beard Oil

Why NOT to Use Coconut Oil in Beard Oil

We love coconut oil too, but if you have oily skin or blackheads, don't put it on your face!

If you have just the right ingredients:

  • fine skin texture
  • coarse hair
  • excess oil 

your are genetically primed for ingrown hairs.  Your beard alone can cause additional breakouts. Coconut oil can make your clogged pores and blackheads worse.

What makes good beard oil?

It works great on your hair, is good for your skin and is unscented or uses only 100% essential oils to create fragrance.  

Finding an oil that works for you.

It's hard enough to find oils that both work well and smell good, if you look for ingredients that will benefit your beard and skin type, your face will thank you. 

To learn more about beard oils that don't contain coconut oil click here.


Happy bearding, Friends!



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