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I Love My Sisters!

Did you know my middle sister Karen actually suggested I become an esthetician?  She should know, I've been poking at her for over 3 decades now.

My youngest sister Carolyn recently purchased some RIDES Rêve products for a bearded friend and had some questions for me...

Q: What's the use for the leave in conditioner?

A: He can spray it in his beard, on head hair for conditioning, great for dry El Paso!  Beard oil use sparingly on beard & head hair for continuing.  Lip balm also works as unscented beard pomade.

Q:  So spray on beard daily?

A: Yes, don't get it in mouth or eyes!  He might spray into hands then apply depending on how long his beard is.

Q:  Why would he need the oil if he's spraying conditioner daily?

A: Beards are coarse and need as much help as possible!  Also the oils have antioxidants to help protect from environmental damage--they help the skin too!  IDK that's just what the Beard Champ uses.

Then she suggested I put this on the website.  Smart sister.  I love you Carolyn!!


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Sherry's Esthetics Work on NBC News!

RIDES Rêve co creator & World Beard Champion Madison Rowley (l) at the 2015 World Beard Championship in Austria 10.03.15 

Hair by Amanda at Urbaca Salon

Esthetics by Sherry Okamura at Urbaca

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The Birth of RIDES Rêve

Did you know our aromatherapy fragrances correspond to your chakras? 

Sachi - 1st chakra - community/family/DNA

Passion - 2nd chakra - money/sexuality/creativity

Joyful - 3rd chakra - self esteem/will/ego

Softening 4th chakra - forgiveness, loosening resentment & anger

HWY 101 - 4th chakra - balance, grounding, calm heart, masculine love

Fairy Godmother - 4th chakra - safety, protection, home, feminine love

(\\three different scents for your heart chakra!  The heart wants what it wants...)

Comfort - 5th chakra - speaking your truth

We didn't have a fragrance for the 6th or 7th chakras.

Enter Mr. Madison Rowley.  Aka Mr. World Beard 2014, soon off to compete for the 2015 title in Austria, and the creator of RIDES Mustache Wax.

After meeting and working together on our Bearded Men video, Madison and I realized we have similar smell values and he suggested we co-create some scents for beard oils.

Formulating fragrances is a unique creative process I learned in the trenches of Urbaca, co-creating signature fragrances for the stylists, even for their dogs!  

But when it comes to the Farm, I've been a one woman show and product development has been one of my closely held favorite things.  

As much as I hate ever admitting I need help, I knew I was in stasis & needed to work with someone else to create these specific chakra fragrances.  Little did I know so many people would be of assistance!

First Madison & I agreed on which oils to use, then we sniffed and mixed a lot.  Once we created something we both liked, we tried the oil in a bunch of products, some failed--the smell didn't translate, products separated. Using natural materials is not an exact science!

Then we took our creations to the Portland International Rose Test Garden, bringing together two Portland beard clubs, Bridgetown Beard Club and Portland Beadsmen, for focus group testing.  Like midwives, these bearded mid-husbands helped shape the fragrances with their feedback!  Thank you gents!

Don't even ask how long it took to do the labels.  We needed a design midwife for that one too.  Thank you Kate!

Patience has not always been my strong point.  What would have taken me less than a month rolling solo has taken 6 months with a partner.  

I must admit, is has been more fun.

And sometimes, o sometimes, working together you make something wonderful...

 6th chakra - Vision/mental health/intelligence

Preorder your RIDES Rêve here!



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Beard Event at Brick & Mortar Barbershop! 10.25.15

Beards, Beers & Buckman BEARS Fundraiser!  Sunday, October 25, 2015


Brick and Mortar Barbershop

1429 SE Hawthorne Blvd, PortlandOR 


Benefit beard event featuring tarot readings by Sherry Okamura Leonard 

  • Deluxe Beard Line Ups $15
  • Beard Trim $7
  • Tarot by donation

All proceeds benefit Buckman School!  


 Door prizes!


 Good times!





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Portland Monthly Magazine September 2015 Mention

Our HWY 101 Beard Oil was mentioned in Portland Monthly Magazine!  Read all about it here!

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