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About *Aromatherapy* Softening Spray Video With Sherry

Here's a quick video with Sherry about the aromatherapy benefits and uses of Okamura Farm Softening Spray!



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Team Urbaca Bridal Video

Are you or someone you know getting married near Portland, OR this summer?  Check out Urbaca's Bridal Services, including energy work by Sherry!  : )


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Dream Come True!

Save the Date! November 2014 Body Mind Spirit Expo *PDX*

I will be one of the opening lecturers for the Body Mind Spirit Expo November 1-2, 2014!  I went to the BMSE a few years ago and always in the back of my mind, planned to have a booth someday.  I'm so excited to try something new this fall!  

I'd love to see you!  Make sure you stop by the Okamura Farmacopia booth #201 for hands-on chakra balancing demos, FREE make up touch ups, and lotions/potions galore to spray, sample and mindfully spa it out.  : )

Come see my lecture Saturday November 2 @ 11 am:

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Life as a Guinea Pig

In the name of science, testing a non-OF molding mask that has fragrance oil in it.  #itburns.  I can report 24 hours after using this "Illuminus hydrating facial mask" my skin looks dry and dehydrated, worse, actually.  The things I do for love. 

This is what too much added artificial fragrance oil can do to your skin. Okamura Farm cleansers, serums, masks + moisturizers contain no added fragrance oil, no essential oils either!  This does not mean the products are fragrance free, they have natural ingredients that have their own smell.  Rose City Mask, for instance, has a slight rosey smell from the rose water distillate--think Portland's International Rose Test Garden (the oldest of its kind in the US!) in June.

OF Aromatherapy Toners, on the other hand, contain essential oils that benefit certain skin types and have aromatherapeutic qualities.  Fragrance is what aromatherapy is based upon, but it is oils from plants and flowers.  I use organic essential oils whenever possible.

The Okamura Farmacopia Oregon Series of lotions, potions + waxworks contains fragrance oils and essential oils.  These products are designed for home and body, not facial use.  I only use phthalate free fragrance oils, they're safe enough to apply on your face but the fragrance might be overwhelming to some. 

Personal preference or sensitivity to smell?  Tell me about it!

Have a beautiful weekend!


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The Birth of OF

A trip down memory lane, the original Okamura Magic blog

A lot has changed in two years, how 'bout you?


Are we having fun yet?

xo so

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