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The Okamura Story

The Okamura Story


 am tongue tied in Japanese.


Okamura Farm is named after my maternal grandmother’s family.

My Dad is an only child who came to the US when he was 13 and didn’t know any english.  Though he initially assumed his American stepfather's last name Black, he later changed his last name to Okamura.

My dad didn’t want to confuse us by teaching us Japanese.  

I wish I knew more Japanese.  I tried to take a community ed class as an adult and felt like my brain was made of concrete.  

Okamura means hill village.  I have two sisters who both changed their names when they married. I didn’t take my husband’s last name, though I encouraged him to take mine—he didn’t go for it.  Apparently when it comes to the family name, the buck stops here!

#backtowork #hillvillage #peace 



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What's In Your Bottle?

What's In Your Bottle?

Recently I checked out some other aromatherapy lines to see what they're up to, I LOVE the smells! I'm seeing a tendency to list fragrances as "essential oil blend", rather than the individual oils.  As a maker, I understand not wanting to share industry secrets, but as a licensed esthetician, I'm going to need that full ingredient list, please and thank you!

My skin care philosophy has always been use what you want, know what you're using, and why. People have sensitivities to a wide spectrum of both natural and synthetic ingredients and it's my job as an empathic skin care professional to ask questions, communicate and use intuition to avoid unnecessary challenges. It's important for people to be fully informed about what is going on their skin, it is our largest organ and one of our most useful detoxifying agents.  

I can take care of your skin using only our organically preserved products, this does not mean they are 100% organic (though many of the ingredients are) we are preserving the product with flower and plant extracts rather than synthetic chemicals.

In other products containing water we use a small amount of other preservatives that rate low to moderate health hazard because we've determined exposing you to bacteria in those products would be worse for you.  Use what you want, know what you're using, and why.

Up until RIDES Rêve I have designed every label for each product and let me tell you, ingredient lists are a beast.  But everything is listed.  I am actively trying to teach future generations of estheticians my industry secrets, how I chakra and energy balance, read tarot, wax, do my facials--people voice concern that the people I've taught will become the competition.  Well, ok.  We do open and transparent economy here on the farm.  
Y'all come back now, ya hear? #peace


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Why Lip Balm?

Our Hand Poured Vegan Lip Balms are the first organically preserved skin care product of Okamura Farmacopia.  Made out of necessity, lip balm is one of those things. When I need it, I really need it.  It’s always getting lost, and if somehow I don’t lose it, it lasts forever. 
There are not many benefits to being related to me—I love everyone, but never call, only visit occasionally and I show my love in lip balm. 
My love is strangely utilitarian:
In a pinch you could melt it down and make a candle, I often do this when I find an old one in a pocket or under the car seat.  Nothing goes to waste at Okamura Farm.
Tattoo/scar healing balm.  Those areas you have chosen to mark, or the areas where life has marked you.
Cuticle oil.  My lovely friend Lisa at Seven Bridges Winery found this use. I have a 1 oz. jar in my car and use it as hand and sometimes leg moisturizer.  I leave little oily smooches everywhere I go...what? It conditions the leather.
I’ve poured every single one of them—especially the ugly ones--with the intention of love, joy and comfort. Hope you like! xosherry
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February Classes / Portland, OR

The response to our MeetUps at Urbaca Salon has been really great--thanks to all who have made it so far! Here's what we have coming up:

Pro Skin Care for Empathic, HSP Teens February 15, 2015 @ 1 pm  $10 class fee redeemable in product

Learn + Play Aromatherapy Potions February 15, 2015 @ 2:45 pm $10 class fee redeemable in product

RSVP 503.241.5030 or online for special gift at class!  

All classes at Urbaca Salon 120 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 101 Portland, OR  97209

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Got Oily Skin? This *GIVEAWAY* is for YOU!

Check out California blogger Country Munchies' Facebook page or Instagram and our Okamura Farm Instagram and OF Facebook page for multiple chances to win this oily skin trio!  Contest ends 1/21/15
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