Secrets We Shouldn't Tell You About Our Products

Okamura Farm users are so handy, full of awesome ideas.  One of our clients was buying Passion Beard Oil for her boyfriend but thought he was overusing it, not that it smelled too strong, he was going through it too fast.  She put it into one of those pump misting kitchen tools with a little extra oil to stretch it out.  He has a great beard, she's satisfied with her fix.

I shouldn't have told you that.  

If you happen to score any of our aromatherapy bath salts, you can cut them with sea
salt or epsom salt to stretch them out. The fragrance might be subtle but essential oils are powerful tools and it doesn't take much.  Oops I did it again.

More bulk/family sizes are coming at a tremendous savings.  Cat's out of the bag.


PS. Online SALE this weekend 20% OFF with code VIP20 at checkout through 09.05.16

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