Radical Self Care

Creating Communities

For nearly two decades Urbaca has been a salon that helps build community, both where we live by donating to schools/not for profit organizations and our industry by hosting a calendar of continuing education for hair professionals in the Pacific Northwest.

Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

Okamura Farmacopia and my work at Urbaca constitute a third component: Inner community, being with yourself through radical self care.

If you utilize healthful ways to relax and destress, the benefits will extend to your family--blood and chosen-- and into your communities.


Making time for yourself might be a rather radical concept, but you are worth the time and energy. 

When creating a radical self care plan for clients, I break down ways for them to incorporate energy balancing by the senses: visual, auditory, touch, and smell.

Everyone processes change differently and it's nice to have a simple physical entryway.

Great news everybody, it doesn't cost a lot of money to breathe, say a mantra or visualize!  

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