No Coconut Oil on Your Beard? What other natural ingredient to avoid

Coconut oil is a wonderful thing, but as we learned here in February, it can cause blackheads for those who have oily skin or acne. 

What about SOY?  

I love soy, I'm half Japanese.  I will eat miso soup until the day I die.

Okamura Farmacopia does not use soy in our beard or skin care products because it contains phytoestrogens (plant-produced estrogens).

When humans consume these in high enough quantities, they have the potential to wreak hormonal havoc, causing feminization in men and menstrual disruption and breast problems in women.

I had a non-cancerous (thank goodness) lime sized amount of my breast removed in 2014.  Breast health is very important to me.  Even so, I don't cut soy completely out of my life, making informed decisions is paramount.

Since everything that goes on your beard has the potential to go in your mouth, we recommend you know what you're eating.  

Caution, may affect sexy time

Whoever you're smooching may be getting second hand soy, potentially affecting fertility and breast health.  

No matter what your preference or gender identification, soy can affect your business!

Soy is for candles, keep it OFF your skin

As a licensed skin care professional for over a decade, I'm here to facilitate your best beard, protecting the skin underneath AND the ones you love!  

For more info and suggestions for soy and coconut free beard maintenance products, click here. Beard on!  xosherry

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