Strange Pine Cards

We really dig the artwork from New Hampshire based Strange Pine and have hand picked some supernatural cards just for your enjoyment! It's been quite a journey getting them, first they got lost in the holiday mail and then delivered very late. Fortunately we were able to negotiate a longer commission period so we could offer them to you. As with previous guest artisans, we only have these for a limited time, in limited amounts. LIVE FREE OR DIE indeed! (NH was my state report in the 5th grade, the connections started early...)

 See the collection here

In alignment with our bringing USA made artisan/business owners to Okamura Farm, we present Amy Pennell and Strange Pine.

Statement from the site: "Strange Pine is a fine art and graphic design studio run by Amy Pennell. She obtained her BFA at the University of Massachusetts.

She fuses her passion of art and design with her love for the natural world and capturing it through minimalist design elements in combination with detailed hand-drawn illustrations. Her works delve into and explore the connections between the infinite growth and change in nature, as well as within ourselves."

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