Bend, Beards and the Hyperberic Chamber

Central Oregon Mustache and Beard Society's 1st Annual Central Oregon Mustache and Beard Competition 09.17.16 will raise funds for The Summer Stiers Foundation. All proceeds go toward the purchase of a hyperbaric chamber for use by those who are un-/under insured. 

The list of benefits from hyperbaric chambers is immense and growing:

  • Improve circulation/blood flow
  • heart health
  • brain function
  • joint and soft tissue health
  • eye health
  • skin condition
  • reduces inflammation
  • anti-aging

Where to go?

As it happens, we're a member of the Portland Holistic Chamber of Commerce and fellow HCC member Cheryle from Healing Air Hyperbarics was an excellent resource!

That morning I take the cat to the vet, go grocery shopping, then when I get home the power's out and I have a freezer full of ice cream.  I also don't have light to put on my face or fix my hair before my appointment.

My loving husband thinks pointing out my bad mood will improve it. I check the calendar to confirm.  We appear to be in full PMS mode.  

Game changer. 

Off to Vancouver, WA in search of a hyperbaric fountain of health.

First you get in the chamber, then you put on an air mask pumping oxygen.  The thumbs up is a hyperbaric sign for all good.

 Opened my pineal gland with thermal light therapy...twice

Feeling good near the end of 60 minutes, look at those rosy cheeks!

2 hours after treatment:

I've searched two thrift/antique stores for a prop, hit New Seasons, made my husband a tuna melt and myself a dozen spring rolls for next week, plus prepped our dinner enchaladas.  

A bevy of accomplishments for my day off, usually I am lucky to complete 2/5 of those--especially in the afternoon.  

Holy crap, this is great.  This is natural Adderall.  

Next morning:

Wow that bruise healed up fast, usually it takes forever!  My bum knee is feeling a bit better pain wise too.  Still buckets of energy.

The takeaway

I am a healthy almost-42 year old woman with a few aches and pains. I can only imagine the relief this would bring if one were ill and/or recovering.

I'm excited to go to Bend and contribute to this very worthy cause with the Central Oregon Beard and Mustache folks. We'll be there with a million samples and a gift basket donation for the raffle.

For more information about the event, click here.

See you in September!  #goodtimes #healing #peace #thisiswhywefight




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