The Bearded Scientist: Fall Bearding

4 Season Beard Care for Fall

As the crisp fall weather rolls in, there is a drastic decrease in the temperature and amount of moisture in the air.

If your hands are dry, your beard is dry.

Here are a few simple solutions to help retain moisture in your beard: 

  • Apply a leave-in conditioner before going to bed. This will help restore moisture lost during waking hours. For heavy duty beard grooming, condition and restyle your morning beard with a couple sprays, also handy for harsh climate, traveling or limited water access.
  • Oil, oil, oil!! Low moisture levels have an evil way of zapping all goodness out of your beard. Apply beard oil thoroughly throughout the day as needed. For very dry beards, layer beard oil over leave-in conditioner before bed.  Since you're basically wearing beard oil 24/7, make sure your oil doesn't contain pore clogging coconut oil, soy, or any irritating artificial ingredients. Click here to check out a few ideas containing all natural ingredients.  
  • Hydration is important to your body for many reasons, including keeping your beard looking good. Take your weight in pounds, cut that number in half, and that's approximately how many ounces of water you should drink every day.  Shoot for 8 oz of water at a time, anything more is wasted.  Caffeinated, fizzy, sugary or boozy beverages don't count and will generally make things worse.

Remember, every beard is different and will respond differently to changes in climate, beard products, and beard tips. Take the time to figure out what works best for you and your beard!

Beard on,

Cory A. Gall, PhD

About our beard blogger:

Dr. Cory Gall is a research scientist at Washington State University and at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. He has degrees from Oakland University, Old Dominion University, and Washington State University. Additionally, Cory was a research fellow at the CDC in the Malaria Entomology branch. His specialization is using ecology and molecular biology to study vector-borne diseases and infectious disease ecology. Specifically, Cory is interested in finding eco-friendly biological control methods to fight tick-borne diseases that cause human and animal diseases. Outside of the laboratory, he enjoys traveling, wildlife photography, roasting coffee, and being an advocate for beards in the professional workplace.  Top Photo: Warren Stowell

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