Essential Oils to Avoid in Beard Oil

Almost anyone can make a pretty smell

It takes knowledge and experience to make the very best, especially when working with all natural ingredients and essential oil blends. 

Natural doesn't mean benign

Essential oils can be powerful tools but used without extensive research and wisdom, they can be ineffective, irritating, and even dangerous.

Cinnamon smells amazing, and everyone loves it but it skin sensitizing.  I would want to use the correct part of the cinnamon plant (do you know if there IS one?) and in positively minuscule dilutions if I were using it in my beard oil.  Big hint: not using it.

Clove oil is popular and delightful but can also be sensitizing if you don't use the right part of the plant--do you know which part? It's also not good for pregnant women, so if you have a beard and your partner is with child, maybe smooching her with this on your beard is a bad idea.

Our newest Okamura x RIDES collaboration oil, RIDES Souverain, has steam distilled cade essential oil which can be good for many skin conditions including psoriasis, but if it's not steam distilled, it can be carcinogenic.  

We love DIY as much as the next person

You know by now why not to use coconut oil or soy in your beard care!

Do your homework, know what you're using and why--your beard will thank you for it.




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