Back to Skin School *September*

As the weather starts to cool your skin may feel drier than normal. Longer, warmer showers and turning on the heat can make you and your skin parched.    

I've been a fan of morning masking for many years.  I put on Antiox Moisture Mask, which looks like a lotion but packs protective antioxidant and potent hydration. I check my email, do some yoga, walk the dogs, then wash it off in the shower, or just use a washcloth.  It's not an old school clay mask so you don't look weird walking around in public wearing it.  Great for flying.

I'm using Antiox Moisture Mask in Bend, OR at the COMBS Mustache and Beard Competition September 17. Compared to Portland, Bend is practically desert.  I'll be sure to bring some to share!  


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