Energy Care Clinic Opening at Urbaca

  • Saturday, January 9, 2016

  • Urbaca Salon

    120 NW 9th Avenue, Suite 101, PortlandOR 

  • Price: $10.00 /per person

    MORE INFO?  Give Sherry a call 503.241.5030

Led by Okamura Farmacopia's Sherry Okamura, Urbaca's licensed empaths will be on hand to provide energy balancing and help you learn to balance your own energy at our new Energy Care Clinic.

Energy Care is a gentle, non-invasive relaxation technique shared with those undergoing chemo and radiation, care for caregivers, and a variety of health challenges in a customizable spa setting. 

Learn to adjust old habits, behaviors and beliefs as we search for creative and fun ways to make energetic progress. 

Welcome to Urbaca’s Energy Care Clinic!

The ECC is a little like the Choose Your Own Adventure books, remember those?

Except here you’ll choose your own energetic adventure.

Your comfort is important to us, please help us discern your needs by telling us your preferences for (please circle):

Aromatherapy    None    Some    Lots

Warmth      I’m hot!       I’m good         I’m cold!

Light       Eye mask/covering     Dim light    Bright light therapy

Other People Around You Getting Treatment:   None     Some      No preference

Your desire to learn about what is happening & why:   None      Some      Tell me everything

Anything else we should know about?

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