I Love My Sisters!

Did you know my middle sister Karen actually suggested I become an esthetician?  She should know, I've been poking at her for over 3 decades now.

My youngest sister Carolyn recently purchased some RIDES Rêve products for a bearded friend and had some questions for me...

Q: What's the use for the leave in conditioner?

A: He can spray it in his beard, on head hair for conditioning, great for dry El Paso!  Beard oil use sparingly on beard & head hair for continuing.  Lip balm also works as unscented beard pomade.

Q:  So spray on beard daily?

A: Yes, don't get it in mouth or eyes!  He might spray into hands then apply depending on how long his beard is.

Q:  Why would he need the oil if he's spraying conditioner daily?

A: Beards are coarse and need as much help as possible!  Also the oils have antioxidants to help protect from environmental damage--they help the skin too!  IDK that's just what the Beard Champ uses.

Then she suggested I put this on the website.  Smart sister.  I love you Carolyn!!


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