Sweating It

It has been an intense couple of days.  Little did I know when we were experimenting with deodorant that things would heat up as much as they have.

Late Sunday afternoon there was a head on collision directly in front of our house, a driver fell asleep and swerved into oncoming traffic.  The cars were totaled but everyone was walking and talking, in shock.  Chris was the first on the scene and helped keep a truck from rolling into our neighbor's parked car.  I woke from a dead sleep to him yelling and running outside.  I ran after him and immediately went to one of the drivers, who was crouched on the ground.  

It was amazing to see all of my neighbors in one place like that, helping, standing guard.

Monday the riots in Baltimore, glued to the TV, Chris watching uploaded clips on Instagram.  Feeling like there is nothing I can do except feel angry and small.

And sweat.

Out of 3 deodorants in 3 days, I have one more to try.  If I might request -- a warm, busy day at the salon where I run around like a chicken with my head cut off?  Please and thank you.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


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