Making of #Manpretty: What's On Travis' Face?

It takes a village to make #manpretty and our friend - chef, grower and Portland Beardsman - Travis was game.  

To honor his love of cooking and food, we used our Pepo pumpkin exfoliating mask on his face and hands to quickly remove dead skin cells and unmask fresh skin underneath.

We rinsed him thoroughly, then followed with RIDES Rêve aromatherapy toner, Supreme Creme and SkinCeuticals paraben free SPF 50 sunscreen.

Hot dish coming through!  Thank you Travis!

PS. Make your own #manpretty! We'll be handing out samples of Pepo mask at the Rose City Beard & Mustache competition 06.18.16 at Dante's, come get yours!  : ) 

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