Travel: Do the Beard Capital of America Like a Boss

According to, Portland is the beard capital of America!

If you're headed to the Portland Beardsmen's Rose City Beard & Mustache competition 06.18.16, here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your beard performance ready!  

Portland weather 

Don't let "mostly sunny and high of 75" fool you. It may rain, hail, sun, mist, sun-shower and rainbow all in the same day, sometimes in the same hour.  If you're coming to the Portland Beardsmens' 2016 Beard and Mustache competition, be prepared for anything.  

External PDX Factors that may affect your beard:

  • Cooler temperature
  • More humidity
  • Possible rain or misting
  • In the event of SUN, bring sunscreen.  Sunburned faces don't win trophies!

More than grooming - self care for your beard

Once you're here, the Beardsmen host a variety of shenanigans for the rowdy (you know who you are) which include late nights and Vegas-style partying.  

Just remember, internal factors definitely affect your beard's performance. World Beard Champion (and one of the distinguished judges for the Rose City Beard & Mustache comp) Madison Rowley cites good sleep and good nutrition as the two biggest building blocks of his bearding success. Those Cheetos and Dr. Pepper you chowed down during your late night road trip to Portland will not build your best beard!  See my list of awesome PDX eateries below to keep your beard fed properly.

Don't forget H2O!!  

Dehydration will also affect your appearance. Stay hydrated and have an 8 oz. glass of water between microbrews and before you go to bed, your face & energy level will thank you!

Your Essential Beard Kit

While your beard may need special ops for competitive bearding (gel, glitter, feathers, googly eyes, please, someone use googly eyes!) here's a list for basic prep:  

  • Wash - don't just use whatever's at the hotel!
  • Comb and/or brush
  • Beard Tonic/Leave in Conditioner
  • Beard oil
  • Wax/Pomade

Things to do in Portland - Sherry's List for the Fairly Civilized

Here are some other fun Portland-y things to do, mostly food because the food in this town is off the hook and hey, you gotta eat:





We love Portland and hope you enjoy your stay!  For more tips and suggestions on maximizing your trip and your beard, follow Okamura Farmacopia on Facebook!

PS. Yes marijuana is legal here.  For the love of Pete, DO NOT burn a hole in your beard!  May we suggest #medibles?  #beardlove #goodtimes


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