Beard Interview Etiquette

Beard or No Beard?

Whether verbalized or not, your facial hair is something that will probably come up during the hiring process. For those of us with a strong affinity for our facial hair, it helps to be prepared when the question comes up during interviews. 



Three Essential Interview Tips

1. Stay on Message

If the recruiter brings up your beard, embrace it but don't allow it to dominate the conversation. The idea is to walk out with a job, not a new drinking buddy. I have left several interviews feeling like I had aced the interview, then didn't get the job. Looking back, I realized I let my beard eat up the majority of the interview and didn’t talk enough about my actual job qualifications.

2. Be Ready with a "Sound Bite" 

If the recruiter brings up your beard, keep your response lighthearted, but brief. Talk about your heritage or beard club affiliation, then bring it back to the job. Steer the conversation by saying, "I could talk about it all day, but what I really want to talk about is this position." 

3. Know your Position

Never bring it up yourself, and NEVER offer to shave before they ask you to. Your willingness to shave on command comes off as subservient, and the fact that you didn't shave already makes you seem lackadaisical.


Is shaving a beard really that important for an interview? 

If they offer you the job on the condition that you shave/reduce your facial hair, then you have two options. Lose the beard or lose the job. 


Is there a compromise? 

If they will let you keep a shorter, well groomed beard, there are tricks you can use to maintain the look without sacrificing the length. Consider some Okamura Farmacopia Beard Oil to help make a good first impression.
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About guest blogger Gabe Lumbus:

Gabe Lumbus has championed facial hair acceptance in the workplace for years. He moved to Portland in 2012 and became a member of the Portland Beardsmen in 2014. The Portland Beardsmen strive to dispel the negative stigma that comes with facial hair by helping the community through volunteer work and charity fundraisers.  Gabe is excited to be working with Okamura Farmacopia to share some of the grooming tips and insight he has gained through his time in the world of professional bearding.

In Gabe's next installments he will discuss:

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    Great piece, very informative. Concealing tricks? Can’t wait for the next installment.

    May 22, 2016

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