Spring 2016 Skin Update What's Happening RIGHT NOW

Today we're talking about last gasps, that bit of product you can't reach in the bottom of the bottle. Use it as a treatment!

For most of April I've been morning masking with wildcrafted bentonite volcanic clay at home adding:

  • The last of my Vanish Serum for a nice, gentle alpha hydroxy kick to combat breakouts. If you've really exhausted the bottle and can't get it out, add a little toner (or water), shake it up, and you can get that last little bit.
  • Softening Spray for moisture and hormone maneuvering support
  • A couple pumps of Antiox Moisture Mask for hydration

Mix the ingredients, apply with a brush, let it dry, rinse with warm water and clean washcloth.  

Bentonite volcanic clay contains kaolin, which is astringent, detoxifying & balances oil.  This clay is pure enough to be taken internally for colon cleansing which I do find intriguing but have not yet tried.  Believe you me, you'll be the first to know.

Morning masking has clarified and tightened things up temporarily, but over time I liken it to taking care of your car.  If you maintain it consistently, it will "age" the most gracefully. 

PRO TIP: When removing sometimes I'll get crazy and go over the dried mask with some Facial Tonic Oil on my hands and massage everything together to increase circulation and get a very light exfoliation from the mask.  Rinse with cool water on this one, my face gets pretty red with the circulation--which is what's doing the detoxifying so this is not a bad thing.  Plus it goes down after about 15 minutes.

Following with antioxidants, Supreme Creme and of course, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!  

Happy April! xo


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