Skin School's in Session! Fixing Summer Damage

This summer in Portland has been gorgeous!!  I must admit, for the first time since I was a kid, I purposefully got a tan and it felt amazing.  Now that we're a couple weeks into September it's time to undo some of the damage that has been done. 

I started doing the 3 Peel Deal at Urbaca last fall because I wanted my clients to see what a regular series of 3 peels could do for their skin.  I did my peel right along with them, once a month for 3 months--I also used Okamura Farmacopia's Rose City Mask and AHA Cleanse at home to do light exfoliation in between treatments. Of course we are all wearing our sunscreen and antioxidants on a daily basis.  My clients and I loved the results!

What can peels do for you?  Basically, they lighten, tighten and brighten on a superficial level.  The down time is much less drastic than peels plastic surgeons/dermatologists perform.  

The idea is doing light peels consistently as a preventative measure is a better strategy than one big peel.  Though nothing can stop the march of time, peels gently plane down the surface of skin, making wrinkles appear less deep.  It may take multiple series of peels to lighten dark spots/sun damage.

Fountain of youth?  Not exactly.  Beneficial? Definitely!

Stay tuned for my next segment, How Peels Work...

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