Just a Lip Balm? Not Exactly.

We do a lot of gift baskets around here chock full of Okamura Farm goodies but dollars to doughnuts, what is the product everyone freaks out about?  These organically preserved hand-poured vegan lip balms.

My hand poured vegan lip balm has evolved through many incarnations since 2006:  starting as humble soy candles, they became massage candles, then samurai sticks (coming back soon!), to their current incarnation, then to awareness raising For- and Not-For-Profit Organization marketing and retail tools!  What?

Before I turned to a life of skin care, I worked in live theater.  I can not repay my former boss at triangle productions!, Don Horn, enough.  He taught me everything I know about marketing + computers, but most importantly, how to express love constantly.  

OF has partnered with triangle! to create special triangle productions! branded lip balms that they use for several purposes.  They generate more "likes" for their Facebook page by incentivizing people with lip balms + I just made a special batch of Gay Pride 2014 balms for promotion during Portland's Pride week last June.

We use custom branded lip balms at Urbaca Salon in a similar fashion.  Considering each Facebook "like" is worth anywhere from $15.42 (according to learningtoblog.com) to $174 (Syncapse) it's quite a good return for us!  They are handed out at bridal shows + go into promotional packages through our vendor partner, award winning bridal shop Charlotte's Weddings and More.  Whether or not brides choose to use our services, hopefully we are keeping their lips gorgeous and moisturized for that big wedding day kiss!  : )

Lip balms are great promotional tools because everyone needs it and they generally last a long time.  The best thing about our lip balms?  They're made in fresh (like cookies!) batches right here in Portland have NO petroleum or animal products!

The *NEWEST* use for these amazing little balms? Scar reduction/healing support!  I recently had some surgery to remove atypical cells from my left breast and as soon as the bandages came off, I used this lip balm to keep my wound moisturized.  Just a week out and my incision spot is healing beautifully + leaving a pretty cool scar!

Who new a .15 oz. tube could do so much?  Balm comes in a great 1 oz. glass travel size too--excellent for the car, staying moisturized in airplanes, camping, you name it!  


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