Musings Newest RIDES Fragrance 7th Chakra Aromatherapy

Our new fragrance is in gestation, complete with the now-familiar birthing pangs of finding harmony, balance and agreement with the blend created by World Champion Beard Madison Rowley et moi.  Apparently we're going a new design direction with the packaging as well, haven't seen the full power point presentation yet!  

This blend is for the crown chakra, your connection to spirit/god/universe/whatever you're into. This new essential oil blend would complete a four year journey to create an aromatherapy pallate to maximize each chakra.

So many chakra balancing aromatherapy products on the market!  Have you read Good to Great by Jim Collins?  Based upon an ancient Greek parable, "The fox knows may things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing," Collins talks about hedgehogs being a good model for greatness with what he calls 3 key circles:
1. What you can be best in the world at
2. What drives your economic engine
3. What you are deeply passionate about
Been thinking a lot about our mission statement here at the Farm, "spit ball'n" as Sir Rowley puts it.  Taking one simple concept and being inventive and amazing at it. 
Will we reach our goal?  Stay tuned...

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